About Us

"For nearly 3 decades DisruptiveTek ® company, has been pushing the edges of technology. Our company is built on a culture of innovation and service excellence to help our customers simplify the complexity of IT by becoming an extension of their IT team"

Founder and CEO, Michael J. Howard

DisruptiveTek ® is committed to providing our customers with a wide portfolio of SaaS, CaaS, DaaS, UCaaS, CX, cloud, hosted solutions and managed security which are implemented and supported by the largest and most innovative technology companies from around the globe.

We have built a reputation on managing supplier relationships and getting the absolute best-in-class support and service from our partners to ensure maximum value to our customers.

We believe industry experience plays an important role as it relates to strategic planning, implementation and support and by partnering with major technology organizations we are capable of staying ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape and assist our customers in acquiring the right solution to address their needs.

Think of us as an insurance agent for Technology, you’re already paying for our service, why not use it?

Who We Are:

DisruptiveTek ® are professionals with decades of experience designing, implementing and supporting global corporate technology solutions. Having worked in the Technology industry since the early 1992, we have seen the service providers shift from staffing dedicated account teams that managed every aspect of the customer experience, to a dysfunctional model of outsourced, or do-it-yourself interaction. This support deficit has resulted in a poor customer experience when dealing with the service providers directly, wasting your staff’s time and costing your business money. Because of this industry transition, we built CloudFusion Technologies, Inc. around a simple premise; deliver premium Data/IP and Voice network infrastructure solutions cost effectively, while providing outstanding project management and post-sale support. Originally Advanced Business Communications, Inc. Dba/ DisruptiveTek ® company.